Reports and briefings


Not So Smart

A comprehensive investigation into the roll-out of energy smart meters

Broadbad 2.0

A comprehensive investigation into broadband customer services

Electric Shock

BIG’s investigation into the rising costs of emergency power in the UK.

A flight plan for Brexit

Our report looking at cutting and abolishing Air Passenger Duty

Mobile Coverage: A good call for Britain?

Our comprehensive investigation into mobile coverage and ‘not spots’ in the UK.

Gate Now Closing

BIG on airport expansion

We’re Jammin’

BIG’s comprehensive nationwide study into how traffic management is leading to costly delays for the UK taxpayer

Sunday Trading for the 21st Century

A BIG study into saving the Great British High Street by localising Sunday Trading Rules

The Great British Broadband Rip-Off

BIG investigates how Internet Service Providers mis-sell broadband speeds in this research briefing


A unique study into broadband investment and the role of BT and Openreach