British Infrastructure Group of Parliamentarians releases new report, ‘Not So Smart’.

The British Infrastructure Group of Parliamentarians (BIG) has today released ‘Not So Smart’, a comprehensive investigation into the roll-out of energy smart meters across Great Britain.

The report, co-signed by 96 parliamentarians from across political parties, presents a series of recommendations to the government, industry regulator Ofgem and energy suppliers in a bid to ensure the roll-out delivers benefits for energy consumers.

Grant Shapps MP, the Chair of the British Infrastructure Group of Parliamentarians, said, “This BIG report investigates the ongoing £11bn roll-out of 53m energy smart meters across Great Britain. It has found that the roll-out has been plagued by repeated delays and cost increases, with suppliers now almost certain to miss the 2020 deadline, and programme benefits likely to be slashed even further. Moreover, although the entire programme has been funded by customers through higher energy bills, unlike suppliers, they are not presently guaranteed to see the majority of savings that do materialise.”

“Our report calls on the government to urgently review the progress of the roll-out and intervene to tackle its points of failure and risk.”

“BIG also calls on Ofgem, the industry regulator, to ensure that further programme costs are not passed on to customers, and that for a change programme savings are.”

“With its recommendations implemented and continued close oversight, BIG believes that the roll-out can successfully help to usher in a new wave of smart technology, and fundamentally transform energy use in the country.”

Click here to read the report.